St. Congar's Church, Badgworth


To find St Congar's Church use the postcode   BS26 2QP for satnav or else Ordance Survey grid reference   383 535

There is no other church in the country with this dedication.  St Congar was a nephew of St. David and is believed to have come from S. Wales to Congresbury, and probably built the first church here about 700 A.D.

The North Chapel is believed to be the oldest part of the church. The east window is very early decorated about 1340 A.D. A similar one existed at the West end and can be seen from . The piscina, in wonderful state of preservation, dates form 1320-50. The Founders Tomb on the North side bears an inscription in Norman French, Jon de Hamton. gist: ici. Diev. De. Salme. eit. merci. (Jon de Hamton lies here God, on his soul, have mercy.)

The present nave was probably built about the middle of the 15th century. There are  fine perpendicular windows on the South, and the massive door is  enriched with Tudor rose design, also an iron ring and knocker used by those "seeking sanctuary". The two carved heads may have borne a beam supporting a "parvise" or upper room.  The Chancel was rebuilt in 1864 in the decorated style

The Jacobean pulpit stands on a pre-reformation stone pulpit, however, the faces of the four carved figures (probably the evangelist) are unfortunately mutilated.

The Font is of very early date probably Early English or Norman.

The Tower contains five bells, two of them pre-reformation, with latin inscriptions.

The organ was originally made for the Prince Regent's Chapel at Brighton about 1837.
Badgworth Tower
Unfortunately when the bells were last rehung, the chamber was made too tight within the tower, and the bells acted like a battering ram,causing a split in the tower masonry.  This has now become dangerous and  so we have started a major fundraising campaign to repair the tower.  The first event was:
"A Feast of Flowers"   May 1st-2nd 2011.
Below are some photos giving an impression of the event

Great News !!
English Heritage has given Badgworth a grant of just under £105,000 towards vital repairs on the tower.   This is one of the highest grants awarded this year and is an indication of the importance of the tower in our history.
This work is now accomplished and the tower was officially rededicated by the Bishop of Taunton at a Songs of Praise service on October 5th 2014
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