From Janary 2018 there is a new pattern of services araound the Parish. 

For a full list of times and venues please scroll down this page.

The general pattern is as follows (scroll down for AUGUST and SEPTEMBER's venues)

On a 5th Sunday of the month (only 4 a year) there will be a 6pm, Evening Prayer at Badgworth. Other services on a 5th Sunday will vary. Scroll down here or check the App or CONTACT.

Early Morning Services

1st Sunday of the month,

8.30am at Cross Hall a short Holy Communion, before Crook Peak Café.

2nd Sunday of the month,

8am Holy Communion alternating every month between Loxton and Christon.

3rd Sunday of the month,

8am Holy Communion alternating every month between Badgworth and Weare

4th Sunday of the month,

8am Holy Communion alternating every month between Compton Bishop and Biddisham.

Mid-Morning Services

1st Sunday of the month,

9am Café Church at Cross Hall with free breakfast, great coffee and topical discussion for all ages with activities for children. All free of charge.

2nd Sunday of the month,

10.00am at Weare, most often Holy Communion

3rd Sunday of the month,

10.00am most often Holy Communion. This service will rotate around the 6 churches, please check the App or scroll down this page.

4th Sunday of the month,  

10.00am at Weare, most often Holy Communion

 Late Services

1st Sunday of the month,

6pm, at Weare. Short Holy Communion, with traditional hymns, and prayer

2nd Sunday of the month,

6pm, at Badgworth Evening Prayer

3rd Sunday of the month,

4pm at Cross Hall every month, Messy Church for all ages, crafts, songs, simple prayers and lots of fun for all the family, with tea. All free of charge.

6pm Evening Prayer alternating every month between Biddisham and Compton Bishop.

4th Sunday of the month,

6pm Evening Prayer alternating every month between Christon and Loxton.


Services for August and September 2018


Sunday 5th Aug    8.30am        Short Holy Communion   Cross Hall   Themed Reading

(1stTrinity 10    9-10.30am     Crook Peak Café             Cross Hall         ‘Life’s Balances, work, rest & play’  

   (green)           6.00pm        BCP Evening Communion        Weare             Eph 4:1-16, John 6:24-35


Sunday 12th Aug       8.00am    BCP Holy Communion  Christon         Eph 4: 25- 5:2(St Mary the Virgin)

(2nd)Trinity 11         10.00am      CW Holy Communion   Weare                        Eph 4: 25- 5:2

       (green)              12.30           Baptism                 Compton B     For Hugo Smallwood

                   5pm Tea at Badgworth Church to thank  Denise Cooper for 22 years as Editor of ‘Contact’,

        followed by      6.00pm        Evening Prayer        Badgworth   Ps:91,Job39:1-40:4,Luke12:32-40


Sunday 19th Aug        8.00am       BCP Holy Communion       Weare         Eph 5: 15-20, John 6: 51-58 

(3rd)Trinity 12 (green)   10.00am     CW Holy Communion      Christon      Eph 5: 15-20, John 6: 51-58   

                                     2.30 - 4.0    Messy Pool at Weare School      fun and a dip for all the family,

bring and share tea           

                                    6.00pm         Evening Prayer            Compton B Ps100,Exod2:23-3:10,Luke12:49-56


 Sunday 26th Aug       8.00am      CP Holy Communion         Biddisham      Eph 6:10-20,John 6:56-69

(4th)Trinity 13 (green)    10.00am    CW Holy Communion       Weare            Eph 6:10-20,John 6:56-69

                                        6.00pm      Evening Prayer             Christon          Harvest


Sunday 2st Sept        8.30am      Short Holy Communion       Cross Hall    Themed Reading

(1st)Trinity 14           9-10.30am   Crook Peak Café              Cross Hall        ‘Enough for all?’ Harvest for all?

(green)                      6.00pm        BCP Holy Communion      Weare    James1:17-end Mark7:1-8,14-15,21-23


Sunday 9th Sept      8.00am     BCP Holy Communion       Loxton            James2:1-10,14-17,Mark7:24-end

(2nd)Trinity 15         10.00am    CW Holy Communion         Weare           James2:1-10,14-17,Mark7:24-end

(green)                    6.00pm      Evening Prayer            Badgworth       Ps119:41-46, Ex14:5-end,Matt6:1-18


Sunday 16hSept (3rd)   8.00am    BCP Holy Communion   Badgworth             Eph 1:3-14,Mark 6:14-29

Trinity 16 (green)        4-5.30pm     Messy Church          Cross Hall Crafts for all the family and tea

                                    10.00am   Harvest HC                     Biddisham                       Harvest Readings TBC 

                                        No Service this evening


Sunday 23rd Sept        8.00am    CW Holy Communion     Compton B     James 3:13-4:3,7-8,Mark9:30-37

(4th)Trinity 17              10.00am  CW Holy Communion  Weare                James 3:13-4:3,7-8,Mark9:30-37

(green)                       6.00pm     Evening Prayer            Loxton      Ps119:137-144,Ex19:10-end,Matt8:23-end


Sunday 30th Sept         8.00am       BCP Holy Communion     Biddisham   James5:13-end,Mark9:38-end 

(5th)   Trinity 18           10.00am     CW Holy Communion       Loxton       James5:13-end,Mark9:38-end     

(green)                          6.00pm       Evening Prayer               Badgworth     Ps:120,Ex:24(all),Matt9:1-8


Sunday 7th Oct          8.30am        Short Holy Communion   Cross Hall    Themed Reading

(1st)Trinity 19            9-10.30am  Crook Peak Café                Cross Hall  ‘Halloween, harmful or fun?             

 (green)                     6.00pm        BCP Evening Communion       Weare            Harvest Themed




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