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You are encouraged to continue to pray around the Future and God’s Vision of the Parish and Ministry

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Crook Peak Parish is following guidance from the Church of England.

16/08/2020 Rev. Judith has written as follows:

Dear Friends

What a spectacular week with the humidity and the wonderful lightning storm, it is amazing that nature can still give us moments of awe even at my age! 

I think many of us are quite relieved at the cooler temperature today.

We have two services tomorrow the first at Christon at 8am being the traditional Communion.

 Getting there is going to be an adventure! The road at the Webbington is closed to vehicles but cyclists and walkers can get through, this is due to the electric cables being laid across the bridge for Hinkley Point C.

The road over the bridge here will be closed until the end of September.

 To make things even more exciting, perhaps you should all carry a box of Milk Tray, (if you are old enough to remember this advertisement), I heard today that the A38 is closed due to a landslide north of Sidcot school turning at the traffic lights for Winscombe.

 I shall be turning through the woods at shute-shelf to cut through to the Banwell road to turn off at the Castle for Christon but so will many others be using this route I suspect.

The 6pm Evening Service at Christon has been cancelled, doing this once is enough!

The 10am service is at St Gregory’s Weare. It will be recorded for the on-line service available through our website www.crookpeakparish.org.uk ,it is very good and like being in Church. We are hoping to add music but our licences do not cover recording these to put on the YouTube services online and a licence to cover this is £80. We will appeal for donations. As with many charities (which is the situation and standing of our 6 churches) the finances and Parish accounts are exceedingly lean with the lack of fees and collections since March. In normal circumstances we only just manage but of course this is far from normal and our situation is serious.

 £80 for this licence out of the question with added costs in the Parish of PPE, disinfectant and hand sanitiser for all the churches.

Last week the services at 8am and 10am were well attended with 19 present at the 10am at Compton Bishop however the evening prayer seemed to be one too many!  I suspected the amount of services would have to be adjusted when attendance was known therefore apart from one evening prayer a month at Badgworth   the others are now cancelled until further notice.

I have adjusted the service rota sheet but if you have printed one just cross out all evening prayer services except those at Badgworth. I suspect that as we go into darker evenings with the covid situation still present it is a good decision to just have one well attended one a month.

There are many families that need our prayer Peter Prentis is very ill so do remember him and the family in your prayers. We have some very recent bereavements which I do not feel at liberty to disclose on a wide scale in case family members are still being informed but please pray for all in our locality who are bereaved, God will know who they are.

In Christian love

Reverend Judith




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