Churchroom Renovation            

The Churchroom at Weare is in need of major renovation and we are looking at an exciting project which will not only make it fully accessible, but also make it a hub for the whole Parish. This will include a new door, new toilets and kitchen, and a Parish Office which can be accessed outside the Rector's working hours and serve the whole of the united Parish. 

It could be a great venue for up to 60 people, close to the Rectory and St Gregory's Church. Ideal for funerals, baptisms and small weddings, as well as a range of meetings, events and parties and even children's work in the future.

We hope to have some draft plans available for you to see in July 2017. Please let us know your thoughts and ideas. 

Of course we will be fundraising, with an emphasis on the 'fun', so look out for our Quiz Nights, Pudding Clubs and the inter-village Talent Shw in September.

If you have skills or talents that could help this project, please get in touch.

The problems that we are going to tackle include:-

1. No adequate disabled access.

2. No adequate emergency exits.

3. A single toilet that is only acessible through the kitchen and is exceedingly damp.

4. A kitchen that is not adequate to serve the size of the room.

5. Crumbling and draughty windows.

6. Walls that are lined with asbestos. 



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